What are the best antivirus for mac?

What are the best antivirus for mac?

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What are the best antivirus for mac?

Mac devices need proper protection against online viruses that could potentially damage the operating system and everything in the Apple devices. The best antivirus software is crucial to fight off the aggressive viruses and keep Mac devices and device contents safe and secure at all times.

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9

Intego features accurate virus scanning and firewall protection and it has been providing Mac devices protection for 20 years. This antivirus knows Mac products intensely, and has been great at their job.

Norton Security Deluxe

The Norton Securoty Deluxe features an excellent detection antivirus software that can contribute to the increase of speed in a Mac’s device. It is equipped to handle Mac devices and Windows OS as well, and even mobile devices.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitfender integrates very well with the operating system of Mac and is proud to feature the most precise virus protection for Mac devices. It has a multi-layer ransomware protection, can scan Windows malware, and has an adware removal system.

Kapersky Internet Security

Kapersky is a famous brand for antivirus software and it provide good detection rates that involves multiple features. It utilizes the Internet Security for Mac software that allows guaranteed protection against ransomware, creating efficient parental controls, and accessible tools to shop and do banking online in a secure environment.


McAfee offers 100% virus removal guarantee for the use of any Mac devices. It has been in the industry for a very long time, offering their antivirus reliable software that actually works.


ClamXAV is a highly trusted scanner for the Apple devices, and it is equipped with Mac-specific tools that are simple to use. Many IT experts and professionals trust this antivirus software that may be a little complex, but has a user-friendly interface for Mac uses.

ESET Cyber Security for Mac

The ESET contains multiple features including parental controls, and it is capable of looking after the Mac devices after its installation. This antivirus is not contented with simple scanning, but it goes deeper into the system and thoroughly checks if the Mac devices are completely safe and secure from any malwares.

F-Secure SAFE

The F-Secure SAFE offers strong protection and integrated parental controls. It can protect PCs, smart phones, and tablets.

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