How to remove malware virus from WordPress site?

How to remove malware virus from WordPress site?

Posted by on Mar 10, 2019 in Slide, WordPress

How to remove malware virus from WordPress site?

Your WordPress account is too valuable to risk getting malware viruses. But if in case that your nightmare happens and you are sure that your WordPress is infected with a malware virus, then you need to act quickly in removing the intruder.

Scan your website

Scan you website thoroughly to check for current malware viruses in your site. You can use your antivirus software, or you can utilize different methods of easy online check like Unmask Parasites, Sucuri Site Check, Norton Safe Web, Quttera, and VirusTotal. Or you can optimize plugins.

Create a backup

Backup your current website using trusted backup plugins such as BackupBuddy and UpdraftPlus. Keep in mind to always backup your website files regardless if ther’s a threat or not.

Check backup files

Double check if any of your files are infected. Remove the ones that have malware virus on them.

Format WordPress Folder

Delete all the WordPress files in your cPanel so you can start a clean slate later with WordPress. The WordPress files are typically in the public_html folder.

Reinstall WordPress

Reinstall WordPress and log in using your username and password, and fill in every necessary detail to get your account back.

Change Password

After you have established that you have WordPress back, change your password to something more complex but remember it well. The changing of the password is better done during the one-click installation process where the option is provided for your to change your password.

Reinstall themes and plugins

You have the option to choose a new theme and plugisn for your website or you can upload your backup theme and plugins.

Restore backup files

The best way to restore your website is through the restoration from you backup files in order to retain your personalized theme

Scan again

Make it a point to scan your re-elected website again to make sure that there is no more malware virus in the site.

Remove warnings from Google

Submit your website to Google again once you’re completely sure your website is safe, in order to remove the Google warnings and for Google to review your website again. After the Google review is done, your website can now re-emerge and your readers and follower can once again interact with you and visit your site.

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